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Frequently Asked Immigration Questions

Below is the list of the most common questions that our clients ask. Please note that these answers are not legal advise - each case is different - please contact us if you need legal advice. 


My 10-year Green Card has expired - can I renew it?

Yes. The fact that your Green Card has expired does not change the fact that your are still a Lawful Permanent Resident and you are allowed to renew it, even if it expired. 


I got my 2-year Green Card through marriage but I am divorced - Can I keep my Green Card?



When is the earliest I can renew my 10-year Green Card?

6 months. You must wait until your Green Card is expiring in 6 months or less before you can file your application to renew it.


How long is the immigration medical exam (Form I-639) valid for?

The following applies to medical exams submitted to the USICS on or after November 1, 2018. Source:

Your medical exam is valid for:

  • 2 years, if you submit your medical exam to the USCIS within 60 days after the doctor signed it. (this applies to cases when you submit your medical exam together with you green card application).
  • 2 years from the doctor's signature if you submit your medical exam after the USCIS receives your green card application (this applies to cases when you send your medical exam after sending your green card application or if you bring it to the interview)

Note: if you don't submit your medical exam to the USCIS within 60 days from the doctor's signature, your medical exam is not valid and you will have to submit another one.

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