Immigration Attorney - Marcin Muszynski, Esq.

Marcin Muszynski is an attorney who practices exclusively immigration law. His law office represents clients in all immigration matters, specifically in green card applications, work visas and defense from removal and deportations.  Whether you are an individual client or a large employer, Mr. Muszynski and his staff will make sure that your case will get a maximum of personal attention.

Attorney Marcin Muszynski has a unique understanding of the challenges and obstacles that individuals and families face when navigating the complex immigration system because he has been through the process himself. As an immigrant to the United States, Attorney Muszynski understands firsthand the struggles and uncertainties that come with seeking permanent residency and citizenship in a new country.

Because of his personal experience, Attorney Muszynski is deeply committed to helping others who are facing similar challenges. He knows how difficult it can be to navigate the legal system and overcome the obstacles that can arise in the immigration process. That's why he is dedicated to providing his clients with the support, guidance, and legal representation they need to achieve their immigration goals.

Each immigration case is different and must be treated with individualized attention and care. If you have an immigration problem or are interested in evaluating your immigration options, please contact us to schedule a consultation. 

Immigration matters almost always affect our lives for years to come. Make sure that your case is handled by an experienced and compassionate immigration attorney.

Why Trust Marcin Muszynski Esq.

Over 15 years of immigration law experience. We have handled complex employment and family green cards, work and investment visas as well as defense from deportations and waiver applications. I understand the needs of clients because I went through the process myself.

Unique understanding:
I have been through the process myself and I understand firsthand the struggles and uncertainties that come with seeking permanent residency and citizenship in a new country.

My reviews and satisfied clients speak for themselves. The foundation of our growth has always been referrals by satisfied clients.

When most lawyers studied in brick and mortar law schools, I already studied law online, taking advantage of the technology that is revolutionizing the legal practice today. Our technology driven approach means fast responsiveness and quick solutions to your needs.

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