useful links

Useful links

Below you will find useful links to various government sites that provide processing times, case status or online tools.



Check your immigration cases: click here

Check current processing times: click here

Online USCIS case inquiry: click here

Change your address: click here

Find a doctor of USCIS medical exam: click here

USCIS application fees: click here

Your online USCIS account: click here

Schedule a USCIS appointment: click here


Department of Labor

Prevailing Wage and PERM application processing times: click here

Check the status of your PERM application: click here


Department of State

Visa bulletin: click here

Immigrant / Nonimmigrant visa application status: click here

Nonimmigrant visa application (US embassy): click here



Obtain your I-94 / Travel history: click here

Apply for ESTA (visa waiver travel to the US): click here


Immigration Court

Check your next hearing date: click here

You will need your Alien Registration Number, known as A-Number.

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